BLOG TOUR: Such A Secret Place by Cortney Pearson

Title: Such A Secret Place
Author: Courtney Pearson 
Series: Stolen Tears #1
Release date: April 1st 2015
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Synopsis via GoodreadsRaids splatter across the news--Arcaian soldiers are stealing magic left and right, using it against the people they steal it from.

When sixteen-year-old Ambry Csille's brother gets taken in one of these raids, her utter fear and panic should be enough to invoke tears in any normal world. But for Ambry, tears are a thing of the past.

Because of a spell, people can no longer feel emotion; not enough to cry, and definitely not enough to defend themselves against the tyrannical soldiers stealing her people’s magic. A rare vial of enchanted tears chooses Ambry to reverse the spell, and soon she finds herself the target not only of the Arcaians, but of battle-scarred Talon Haraway, who wants the tears for his own reasons.

All Ambry wants is to rescue her brother, but when her tears get stolen, Ambry determines to work with Talon to get them back. Any day the Arcaians could drink her tears. Any day they’ll succeed at draining her people's magic completely, and all hope will be gone—not only for her brother, but for her world.

Cortney Pearson is a book nerd who studied literature at BYU-Idaho, a music nerd who plays clarinet in her local community orchestra, anda writing nerd who creates stories for young adults. Cortney lives with her husband and three sons in a small Idaho farm town.



This book was to say the most, mediocre. It would have been a good one in my opinion, if I hadn't read the simply brilliant An Ember in the Ashes and Red Queen withing two weeks, and opening another fantasy book meant that I automatically held it up to that high standard. What I'm basically say is that I'm sure that I would have liked it more if I read it a while before/ after I read the others, because my brain is now swamped with all this fantasy;)

As the blurb tell us, and with a few details of my own: A long long while ago, a wizard cast a spell over the world so that everyone would feel almost no emotion. After 'Torrenting' as their discovering their magic is called, they slowly lose the essence of what makes them human. 

A while later, the Arcaians came from another world and started stealing the people's magic. Though the people in this world should have been outraged, with their lack of emotion, they couldn't have cared less even though they are treated like slaves. Well, almost.

 Ambry is the only girl from her batch, and in EVER who hasn't got her magic yet and still has her emotions. Which makes her see all the others as emotional zombies including her best friend who torrented years ago, and everything that made them friends were no longer of consequence to her.

 I genuinely loved the whole concept of the story- an emotion stealer fantasy book! If that's not original, I don't know what is! I suppose it was a good book, and I'm not going to be a story ruiner, but it's definitely worth a read!

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