BLOG TOUR: Painted Maidens by Terra Harmony- Interview & Giveaway

Title: Painted Maiden's Series
Author: Terra Harmony
Publication Date: 2013
Part of A Series?: Yes 

Blurb Description: Seventeen-year-old Serena is the youngest member of a dying race. The increasing acidity of the ocean is destroying her home, slowly eating away at the once thriving underwater landscape. But since the night of Serena’s birth, it is an outside force that most threatens their dwindling population. Werewolves, who once served as protectors for mermaids in the Kingdom of the Undine, now seek to eliminate all who dwell in the ocean—and Serena is about to find herself right in the middle of the deadly conflict.

Given the title of Werewolf Liaison, Serena is determined to make things right for her people. When she ventures to The Dry, she meets Liam, the werewolf with hazel eyes, and her whole world gets turned upside down. As Serena discovers the real history between werewolves and mermaids, she is left wondering who her true enemies are. 


Terra is author of the eco-fantasy novels in the Akasha Series, 'Water', 'Air', 'Fire' and 'Earth', as well as the Painted Maidens Trilogy. Born and raised in Colorado, Terra has since lived in California, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and Virginia.  Terra served a 5½ year enlistment in the Marine Corp, has earned her bachelor's and master's degree and presently runs the language services division of a small business.
 Terra currently lives in a suburb of Washington, DC with her husband of sixteen years and three children.

Connect with Terra: 
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E-books, paperbacks, or hardcover?
E-books!  I spend a lot of time in school pick-up lines, and I always have my phone with me. Kindle app all the way, baby…

Cats or dogs?
Allergic to cats – not crazy about dogs although I have two.  Can I just go with fish?  “My fish just did the cutest thing.” I guess that doesn’t work for twitter updates.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the morn’, tea in the noon.

Favorite food?
Steak and potatoes!

What are 4 things you never leave home without?
Child one, child two, child three, and husband.  We do everything together *forced smile*. Hopefully child one has the car keys, child two has my purse, child three has my cell phone and husband remembered the snacks!

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
Wherever and whenever my muse hits me over the head.  I try to bring my laptop everywhere, because you never know when that cheeky monkey will strike.   I’ve been known to write on napkins, my arm, and on the back of my kid’s school projects.

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you any why?
Johnny Depp (need the back hair for roping sea turtles), Magellan (need a navigator – plus his name is cool), and Chuck Norris to fight off the sharks as we make our way home.  I’d provide the entertainment value; read my book aloud or something. 

Favorite movies?
Recent movies, I'd have to say Guardians of the Galaxy. Old time favorites are The Sound of Music, Rat Race and Christmas Vacation, because I can watch them every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of them.

Favorite bands?
Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers. 

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?

Game of thrones, Vikings, Walking Dead – wait, am I sure I'm writing in my preferred genre?

How would you describe The Painted Maidens books?
This is a three book, young adult fantasy series. Eco-fantasy, actually. There is plenty of action, some gore, some romance (which gets steamier as the series goes on), and it is definitely unique to anything you've read before. A young maiden (the youngest of her species, actually), Serena, is caught going beyond the borders of her kingdom to The Dry. As punishment, she is assigned to be the Werewolf Liaison which puts her in The Dry semi-permanently. She must contend with the hostile werewolf clan that has a long-standing, bloody history with the maidens. There are plenty of twists along the way and I have to say this might be suited toward those that enjoy the dark fantasy genre.

How did you come up with the idea for the series?
Really I just wanted to write about dragons. I still kind of do but I might be over the whole 'scaly creatures' thing by now. As I was running through dragon imagery in my head, I began to think about scales, and what other animals have scales, and the best ways to describe them. Then boom – mermaids. Then boom – a three book series. (Yeah, I wish it were that easy.)
My niche is the 'eco' part in fantasy books, so mermaids were really a good fit. Please understand, this isn't in-your-face lectures about being kind to the planet. It's about showing (not telling LOL) the reader what a beautiful world we have and why they should care about it.

When and why did you begin writing?
I was an adamant reader for the majority of my life. In fact, I got reprimanded for reading the explicit Sidney Sheldon novels in 5th grade.  In high school, it got more difficult to hide the books I was reading during class – so instead I wrote.  It always looked like I was just really into my note-taking.  I’ve been writing ever since!

Who is your favorite character? Is there a character in the series you think the readers will hate?
My favorite character is Darcy, the only human among the werewolf clan. You don't really see too much of her until book two, then more in book three. I love her because of all the characters in the book, she is the one that is really out of her element – and raising children in it. In fact, I love her so much that I am writing a story about how Darcy and Colin (her werewolf husband) met. It was only supposed to be short story as an added 'extra' to the boxed set, but I am enjoying it so much it may just turn into a full blown novel, or at least a novella.

Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you, something you could not read just about anywhere.
Fact 1: I’ve managed to ‘clumsy’ my way into being quite the coordinated person.  Does that happen?  I really think since I’ve tripped over everything under the sun, I became really good at catching myself – or whatever it is I happen to drop.
Fact 2: I love being creative – I’ve tried my hand at drawing, poetry, and photography.  All of which I love, and all of which I wished I had more time for.
Fact 3: I’m the type that doesn’t prioritize my ‘to-do’ list, because everything gets done – one way or another.  Yes, sometimes that can be more stress than it’s worth, but that is just me.  I can do everything and I can do it right now.

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