Chills: A Short Story Collection by Sahar Sabati- Review

Author: Sahar Sabati
Publication Date: 20th October 2013
Blurb Description: The same people are impossibly spotted in two different places at once; a man considers murdering the husband of a woman he loves; while driving home very early in the morning, a driver less car appears out of the fog and follows two sisters home. Fear of the unknown, emotional intensity, and plain old creepiness will give you chills long after you have finished reading the seven stories in this collection.


I’m not what you would call a short story fan (I dislike the whole getting into one world and then having very little to read before you jump to the next thing) nor would I call myself a hard-core horror fan. So, as you can expect, Chills would not be my first choice to read.

But I am VERY glad I did decide to!

Chills is eerie without trying too hard, has those shock moments at the end of every tale and was addicting enough that I had flipped the last page under two hours! It is creepy- not ghosts, ghouls or vampires- but more the little things that happen every day that have the potential to creep you out.

It might be driving home on a foggy night, déjà vu incidents, when your closet door is open that one extra inch or the weird things that go on next door, or any number of incidents that you would normally think nothing of but Chills makes everything seem so real; so possible!

And that’s all I can say! A brilliantly scary debut by Sahar Sabati- thankfully without the gore!

My Verdict:

A Scary Short story collection- READ it!

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