Children Of The Good by Felix Whelan- Review

Author: Felix Whelan
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publishing Date: April 17th 2104
Blurb Description: If everyone on Earth stopped believing in God... Would He still exist? Would He still care? 
In a near-future America that looks a whole lot like today... 
A foreign-born Antichrist sits in the Whitehouse, and through the the power of the Presidency, secretly rules the world... 
Religion as we know it has been outlawed, and all knowledge of the old beliefs has been wiped from human memory... 

A State-sponsored, New Age cult of self-worship has taken organized religion's place, and controls the hearts and minds of the world. "The Gospel of Self" denies the existence of objective good or evil, and preaches moral relativism and the virtue of selfishness ... 

In the Midwest small town of Arkady, a luminous woman begins appearing to children. She tells them a story about a real living Evil that has taken over their world, and of an objective, loving Good that is on its way to save them. Her son - her "seed" is the mysterious term she uses - will crush the Evil and bring Good back to the world... 

But not if President for Life Michael Oglesby has anything to say about it. When a series of prophecies appear to be coming true, with one very special little girl at their center, a hidden Remnant of believers emerge to rally around the child... While forces of darkness mobilize to destroy her at any cost... 


A new voice, a new world- both make this book worth a read!

I love dystopian novels- they’re one of the most fun things to read- if they’re not too farfetched, they’re exactly what book lovers (at least me) look for in a book- a complete escape from the one world we live in!

Children of the Good starts of on a high note- diving right into the deep end which makes it very intriguing. In the first chapter, you meet one of the main characters, John Harper who hates himself (This is a good thing, becasue of the Gospel of Self *moreLater*) because he got his best friend pregnant and when she was told to abort the child by the Special School they’re forced to go to, she commits suicide! Exciting, right? (Okay, that was kind of a lot- maybe pause for a minute here)

So, basically, all religion is outlawed and selfishness is the motto people stand for- the newly published Gospel of Self tells you how. I found this a bit weird- the concept- that nobody was willing to stand up save for a bunch of third graders (can they even understand the magnitude?) for what everybody lived by- a set of moral values deemed humane.

Anyway, Whelan gives us a whole back story that begins with a man looking to find spiritual peace in India (Hey, I live here- how cool!) but, after a while, reading these chapters of intricately woven lives become too much, especially with the word Atama Pyara being repeated- which is in Hindi that means Love Thy Soul or something, and well, I found it weird, because my brain just automatically translates!

Okay, apart from that- I pretty much loved everything else! Nelly and The Woman, Anne and John Harper made such a perfect family- with such a tragic ending! Nelly was by far my favourite and Whelan does a brilliant job of bringing out her innocence all while showing us she understood a lot more than normal!

Okay, and now I’m blabbering… You should still read it, though!

My Verdict:

A Brilliant new voice to the dystopian world!

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